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Featured Announcements
Featured Announcements

Current Comics Now Selling BIG WOW ComicFest Tickets

Current Comics is now selling tickets to BIG WOW ComicFest, the biggest local ComicCon, taking place April 18 and 19 at San Jose Convention Center. We have 1-day and 2-day adult and child tickets available at the shop through Thursday, April 17. When you purchase adult tickets from us, you save $5 off the online price!

Ma's Green Living: Kick Toxic Cleaning Products to the Curb

Ma's Green Living

Ma's Green Living invites you to join us for Kick Toxic Cleaning Products to the Curb. In this workshop, learn about doTERRA’s essential oils and how to make green cleaning solutions using them. Homemade cleaning products are easy to make and cost 90% less than store bought cleaners.

Community Center Trip: San Francisco

Scholze Park Community Center

Scholze Park Community Center is organizing a day trip to San Francisco! Once our bus arrives, the day is all yours to shop, visit a museum, explore the city, or have a delicious lunch with family or friends. The best part is: you won't have to worry about transportation and parking. Register by April 13.