Monterey Budokan Reopens on Lighthouse Avenue

Posted on July 11th, 2017 by Monterey Budokan

On July 3, Monterey Budokan re-opened at 636 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey! Seibukan Jujutsu classes are now being taught by David Carvalho Shihan on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm every week. We hope to see you on the mat! For more information, stop by the budokan before or after class and speak with David.

Seibukan Jujutsu is an effective and practical martial art developed for self-protection as well as personal development. Its Japanese roots, philosophies, and the Seikendo healing art make it unique among other systems. Founded by Julio Toribio Kancho in 1993, Seibukan Jujutsu offers students opportunities to develop physical skills for effective self-defense, thereby increasing overall physical fitness, self-discipline, awareness, and self-confidence. This system’s unique structure allows students to learn and progress at their own pace.

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