Featured Announcements
Featured Announcements

Atomic 1800 Now Carries Hudson Outerwear

Hudson Outerwear from New York City is now available at Atomic 1800! Driven by the same strength and energy that gave birth to hip hop, sports, and the urban streetwear lifestyle, Hudson Outerwear - a cornerstone streetwear brand - communicates...

New Monterey Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting

Hilltop Park Center

The New Monterey Neighborhood Association invites everyone to join us for the NMNA's Annual Meeting held on the lower level of Hilltop Park Center. Tonight, we'll be electing the NMNA's board for 2017.

Sale on Rug Wash and Repair at Pamir Rugs

Pamir Rugs is now offering 20% off all professional rug washing and repairs for your heirloom rugs. High quality, expensive rugs require care and maintenance in order to protect the fine fabric and rich colors. Depending on the amount of traffic your rug endures, we recommend you have it professionally washed every two years. Visit us at 237 Lighthouse Avenue for more information.

Nacho Hats & Beanies Now Available at Nacho Bizness

Attention all nacho lovers! Nacho Bizness now has "Nacho Supreme" hats and beanies available. We have limited quantities, so come get one soon! Located at 615 Lighthouse Avenue (next to Bulldog British Pub) and open Thursdays, 7:30pm-1am, and Fridays and...

Community Center Trip: Cirque du Soleil's "Luzia"

Scholze Park Community Center

Scholze Park Community Center presents the play! Monterey Travel Program , including a variety of travel experiences for a variety of budgets. On February 26 we're organizing a trip to see Cirque du Soleil's Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico . Fee is $141, which includes tickets and bus transportation to San Jose's Center for the Performing Arts. Registration deadline is January 24. Phone the Center at 831-646-3878.