Featured Announcements
Featured Announcements

Bamboo Reef Carries Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen

Bamboo Reef Dive Shop, located at 614 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey, is excited to announce that we now carry Sea & Summit sunscreen! Most popular brands of sunscreens contain harsh chemicals that kill our coral reefs and fill our landfills...

Wetsuit Shampoo Now at On The Beach

On The Beach now carries Revivex wetsuit shampoo made by Gear Aid. Keep your wetsuits clean and smelling nice! This shampoo works fast to remove organic residues like algae and bacteria plus chlorine and salt deposits so your neoprene gear...

Atomic 1800 Streetwear Premium Boutique Shop

Find your style at Atomic 1800 Streetwear Premium Boutique located at 800 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey. Shop for him and her! The stylish dress pictured here is available in-store and online.

Piercer Now in Residence at Gold Coast Tattoo

Gold Coast Tattoo hasn't had a piercer for a while...but we do now! For a limited time only, come get pierced, bring a friend for a piercing, and get 25% off. We're located at 639 Lighthouse Ave.