Featured Announcements
Featured Announcements

California Reopened on June 15...What Does It Mean on Lighthouse Ave?

By now, all of you have probably heard that California reopened on June 15. You may be asking: what does that mean?

It means that most, but not all, Covid-19 related public health orders have been lifted for all the lucky people who've been vaccinated. For people who haven't been vaccinated, the new rules are somewhat relaxed, but remain similar to what they were before.

As of June 15, businesses in Monterey's Lighthouse District no longer have any capacity limits and most are not required to enforce masking and social distancing for anyone who's been vaccinated, Keep in mind that they can still request that everyone wear a mask while on their premises.

If a business is still requiring everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status, they surely have a good reason for doing so. Please remember that each small business is run by someone who has a family and is dealing with challenges that you can't see. While we're all thrilled to be starting the return to normal, the reality is that for people operating shops, restaurants, and services, things are still a long way from normal. 2021 is going to be a year of transition.

Please help us this year by being your most compassionate and understanding self. If wearing a mask is not something you're willing to do, just take your money to another business until their rules change.

If you're vaccinated but still want to continue to wear a mask, you're welcome to do that regardless of what other people are doing around you.

What if you want to get vaccinated for Covid-19? Now is a great time to get vaccinated - there are many free vaccine appointments available in Monterey County . Increased vaccination rates protect your physical health as well as our economic health. We simply do not want to return to shutdowns and curfews. Vaccines are the most important tool we have to return California to a vibrant, growing, and healthy economy. Anda!

New Summer Skirts and Dresses at Cypress Boutique

Cypress Boutique Monterey has recently received a beautiful collection of colorful women's clothing perfect for summer weather. We have sundresses, maxi skirts, flowing tops, and dresses for all occasions! Visit us at 800 Lighthouse Avenue, Suite C and let us help you find your next favorite outfit.

Incense at Lilify

Did you know that Lilify carries hand crafted, small batch incense sticks? They have a variety of scents made by Juniper Ridge in California, Sea of Roses in Oregon, and HEWN in Pennsylvania. Visit Lilify at 281 Lighthouse Avenue to view their selection in person or place your order online .

More Prizes Available for Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19

The State of California is continuing its incentive program to get as many people as possible vaccinated for Covid-19. On July 1, 2021, all Californians over age 18 who have received the vaccine will be entered into a drawing to receive one of six dream vacations (including hotels, food, and entertainment for up to four people plus $2000 for expenses). Read details here.

Want to find out where to get a free Covid-19 vaccine? Find a location here.