Shilshol Handmade Leather Bags at Lilify

Posted on July 19th, 2018 by Lilify

Lilify is pleased to announce that we now have in stock these absolutely amazing Shilshol brand leather bags handmade by Alaina Birch in Santa Cruz. Stop by our shop at 281 Lighthouse Ave in Monterey and check them out!

About Alaina Birch's work
Shilshol brings a clean and minimalist aesthetic to a collection of products intended for everyday use. We rely on a thoughtful design process to ensure that the form, size, and fit respond to the demands of the real world. We believe that these simple designs are elevated through the careful selection of quality materials with rich color and texture and take pride in our attention to detail and craftsmanship.

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Paper Wing Theatre would like to announce (in alphabetical order) the 7 playwrights chosen to participate in our 5th Annual Play Reading Series!

Lee Brady - "Slow Waltz"
Mark Cunningham - "The Gorgon's Gaze"
Eric Eberwein - "Peace Be With You"
Gary Goldstein - "To My Children's Father"
Chris McElwain - "The Monkey King"
David Norum - "My Name Is..."
Nina Solomita - "After the Sermon"

We encourage the community to attend our Play Reading Series performances, September 20-23, to hear this new work. More details to come on the Paper Wing website, Facebook page, and Lighthouse District website.


Creative Visions Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing, located at 856 Lighthouse Ave in Monterey, would like to welcome our newest tattoo artists, Aleah and Chandra. They're two talented people who want to create your next bit of tattoo art!

Creative Visions continues to have Sean, Brian, Brandon, and Raphael in the studio to assist you with your tattoos and piercings. Summer is booking up fast, so if you're looking to get work done hit us up soon at 831-649-1882.

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Atomic 1800: New Supreme Jacket

Posted on July 15th, 2018 by Atomic1800

Atomic 1800 now has in stock the Supreme Old English Corduroy Varsity Jacket, 100% authentic and brand new. Visit us online or at our shop at 800 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey.

A New York City institution founded in 1994, Supreme has worked with generation of artists, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers, and writers who defied conventions and contributed to its unique identity and attitude which embodies downtown culture.

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New RAD MFG Co toddler shirts have arrived at On The Beach! Available in 2T, 3T and 4T. Come and check out these fun designs at our shop, located at 693 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey.

RAD designs are inspired by all fun things in life, from camping to the beach. Their tees will remind you and your little one how RAD it is to be a kid.

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Did you know that Current Comics sells older back issues of comics? We invite you to come check out these amazing back issues we just put out for sale! We're located at 400 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey.

Amazing Spider-Man #18, early Sandman story, by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, 1964

Amazing Spider-Man #31-33, “the Master Planner” by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, 1964

Amazing Spider-Man #194, created by Marv Wolfman and Dave Cockrum, 1979

Detective Comics 871-881, the “Black Mirror” storyline by Scott Snyder, 2010-2011

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