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Posted on August 2nd, 2019 by BoxingStrong at Prime Fitness

Need to recharge before the school year? Prime Fitness has just the package! Only in August, our Boxing Strong program is offering three 45 minute private training sessions for $165. Sign up online today.

It's just the right amount of training to get you ready for the hectic school drop-offs, pick-ups, sporting events, and company picnics. Life can get hectic, so we can all use a boost into a great workout routine.

Benefits of Boxing Training:
*Amazing for your Cardiovascular Health
*Phenomenal Bone Builder and Muscle Shredder
*Develops Coordination and Core Stability
*Metabolic Kicker = Weight-loss
*Drives up Confidence, Empowerment and Self-Esteem
*Releases Stress and Tension

Need we add more? Whatever your reasons are, get your training in and reap all the benefits!

Not into boxing? Not a problem, we can tailor your sessions to your individual needs. With focus on strength and endurance, coordination and balance, cardio and agility, we hit all of the vital components of physical development and healthy well-being.

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