Epicenter Cycling's Guide to Bike Helmets

Posted on July 29th, 2020 by Epicenter Cycling

Have you been hanging on to your old bike helmet for too long? The Lighthouse District's newest retail store, Epicenter Cycling, located at 230 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey, is here to help you find a new helmet that protects your noggin and best meets your needs.

It’s important to replace your bike helmet every 3-5 years (depending on use) or if it’s been in a crash, whether you see cracks in it or not. This is because some of the materials used to make it degrade over time. UV light degrades the outer shell, making it brittle, and a weak shell may compromise the structural integrity of the foam.

Keep in mind, too, that helmets are constantly being improved, so a current new model will keep you much safer than that three-year-old, rarely-worn one in your closet. Epicenter invites you to check out the new Bontrager WaveCel technology at our shop, which is 48x more effective than standard EPS foam at preventing concussions from common cycling accidents. You can read all about it in Epicenter's newly updated Guide to Bike Helmets.

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