Sardine Pillows Handmade by Play Full Ground

Posted on July 16th, 2020 by Play Full Ground

Play Full Ground has received multiple inquiries about our sardine pillows (#happymontereysardines) lately, so here are some answers to your questions, my friends!

Do you sell the sardine pillows?
Yes! They come in 3 sizes: small ($30), medium ($50), and large ($80). Please visit the Support page on our website for more information.

Do you ship?
Yes! We ship within the U.S. (unless you are willing to pay for the expensive international shipping or secret inexpensive global shipping...please let us know!)

For the U.S. shipping, we use USPS 1-2 day flat rate for the small/medium pillows. For the large pillows, we use other carriers and it takes 3-7 days. (It’s not so cheap as sardines are bulky and we are a small business without a lot of shipping, so we don't get a big discount. Sorry! If you have any inexpensive shipping tips, please share them with us - we love to learn.)

Can I pick up my sardines?
Yes. Play Full Ground is currently closed for walk-in business, but we can arrange your pickup at the studio at 550 Lighthouse Avenue, Suite. E, in Monterey.

Do you deliver?
Maybe...depending on the place! If it's somewhere between Pacific Grove and Marina (and Carmel...maybe Carmel Valley)...the answer is yes and it's free.

Which types of payment do you take?
We accept payment by credit card on our website. We also have accounts with PayPal ([email protected]) and Venmo (@playfullground) if these are more convenient for you. Also, you can pay with cash or check upon your pick up at Play Full Ground.

Can I have a sardine pillow right now?
I, Play Full Ground owner Mai Ryuno, make your sardines to order to share happiness, joy, and creativity with you! Please allow me a few days to make your sardine pillows before sending them to you.

How can I contact you?
Please feel free to email me if you have questions that are not answered here. Thank you all for your love and support!

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