Mai Ryuno's Work Featured in Local Fashion Show

Posted on May 27th, 2021 by Play Full Ground

Mai Ryuno, artist and owner of Play Full Ground and co-founder of RfCC (Relation, Fashion, Creation & Connection), was recently featured along with local artist Linda Lay in a virtual fashion show, now available for viewing on YouTube!

The 27 minute show, organized by Monterey retail shop Slowfiber to celebrate international Fashion Revolution Week, features the creativity and skill of Monterey County residents who sewed, knitted, upcycled, and mended their own clothing and accessories to create some wonderfully artistic pieces in the past year.

RfCC is a socially engaged art and fashion project by Linda Lay and Mai Ryuno, through which they create garments for each other and share a playful, encouraging, thoughtful and vulnerable approach and process via social media. View more of their work, as well as Mai Ryuno's solo projects, on Play Full Ground's YouTube Channel. Play Full Ground is located at 550 Lighthouse Avenue, Suite E in Monterey.

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