Creativity Learning Program at Play Full Ground

Posted on September 29th, 2021 by Play Full Ground

Have you ever thought that you aren't creative enough? You don't need to feel that way! Creativity comes in different forms and is useful for people of all ages not only in art, but also in everyday life.

Mai Ryuno, an experienced artist, art teacher, and owner of Play Full Ground, has found many creative qualities that she uses both as an artist and in everyday life. In Play Full Ground's Creativity Learning Program, Mai assesses, applies, and practices creativity with her students by going through a simple, three-step process of Think, Do, Share.

In her Creativity Learning Program, Mai offers her skills, knowledge, and experience as an artist, serving as a supporter, mentor, and cheerleader throughout your journey to discover your unique self and to gain ownership of your everyday life with your creative skills. Let Mai help you make your everyday life more creative in this four-week program!

Please visit the Play Full Ground website for more details and email Mai to start a conversation about how she might be able to help you bring greater creativity to your life. You can also view her latest video, "Creativity is You!" on YouTube.

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